We had 5 finalists. 

Here are the numbers 

Contestant 1: 60 votes

Contestant 2: 25 votes 

Contestant 3: 41 votes

Contestant 4: 48 votes 

Contestant 5: 63 votes 

  • $1000 RoQk The Fortune Grant. 

  • RoQk Business 101 E-Book 

  • A Huge Vendors lists that includes; apparel & shoes for men women & children, packaging, dropshipping, eyelashes, hair, hair & skin products, makeup and so much more. 

  • A book from a new and upcoming author. The first and only available thus far Reflection on Purpose: 40 day Journal Challenge for the purpose to self reflection, self examine and self determine who God created & designed You to be 

  • Also from Mirror Not Window: Free Consultation for the purpose of spiritual growth, foundation, support & so much more 

  • 1 Free Financial & Credit Consultation, from Lorina Corporation 

  • Continued support, mentoring and networking opportunities from RoQk Fortune Movement 

WE ARE SO EXCITED TO BE APART OF YOUR JOURNEY! God has truly blessed us in allowing opportunities for service. We look forward to your future! 



RoQk: Solid, Unbreakable, Foundation

FORTUNE: Gratefulness, Fulfillment, Life’s Purpose, Affluence

Our brand represents the rising of success; the diamond is the center of our brand. When volcanic pipes erupt, the pressure creates diamonds. Eruptions creates a solid form that is valued; a rock broken down into tiny pieces keeps its core. It is surrounded by six figures all of which also has meaning. The four stems represented by lines are most important; they are the epitome of (1) spiritual growth, (2) inheritance/generational wealth, (3) prosperity and (4) purpose. Since these four stems are in the form of lines, they too have meaning in that lines are defined as straight, no bend, going on in both directions without end (infinite). Signifying the life of Rock Fortune; focused on these four stems through perseverance and exertion. Greatness is not fame but the influence that it has on others. The two squares symbolize a culture of people; male and female working together in unisons to build a foundation of morals and values that can be passed down from generation to generation.